Expect Change    Expect Challenge    Expect Courage     Expect Connection

Coaching is a supportive, co-creative process that will help you shift unconscious patterns that get in your way. A life coach is someone who listens, asks powerful questions, offers new perspectives and who helps you find ways of being adaptive rather than reactive to some of life’s challenging moments – in relationship, at work, at home or at school. Coaching brings personal accountability, guides you through your current next steps and helps you create the life that you envision for yourself.  You and I become a team whose objective is to put you in the driver’s seat and steer you on a healthier, more vibrant path.

I will challenge you, champion you and support you.  You will develop new patterns to tackle the things that hold you back.  But most of all, you will feel empowered and understood after every session.

This is what I believe:

  • Being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness
  • Shameshifting is a key element to becoming braver, more resilient people
  • Staying curious is a far greater tool than believing we ‘know without a doubt’
  • Understanding our triggers will help us develop new tools for self-awareness
  • We have the choice to see our challenges as either problems or possibilities

The benefits of coaching are often life-changing. People who have hired a life or business coach report increased confidence, self-awareness, compassion, more meaningful relationships, and lower stress levels. I offer coaching in many forms:

Face to Face, in my coaching office in downtown Nelson, BC

Virtual Face to Face, on a Skype or Google +

Telephone coaching at 1-250-509-0273

E-Coaching (email coaching with 48 hour turnaround)  debburnettcoach@gmail.com

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