Resiliency Course Poster Online

The goal of this interactive course is to examine habitual patterns of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that may be obscuring your path to a wholehearted life.

One of the biggest struggles we face is aligning internally – we want X, but do Y.  We think A, but feel B.  We end up stuck, riding along on the currents rather than moving intentionally forward.  This course will provide clear tools and answers to these important questions:

  • Why does it matter to take charge of our own thoughts and feelings?  How will this create the results you really want in life – at work, at home, in relationships.

  • How do you learn to put shame resiliency into action to create transformation, starting on the inside?

  • What are some practical next steps for identifying shame triggers & creating healthy tools for resiliency?

Based on the pioneering research of Dr. Brene Brown, and her Connections curriculum, Inquiry and the work of Byron Katie,  and coaching insights developed by Certified Life Coach and Facilitator, Deb Burnett at the Pathway Life Coaching office in Nelson, BC.

GROUP 1 – TUESDAYS 10:00 AM starting September 24, 8 weeks

GROUP 2 – WEDNESDAYS 7:00 PM starting October 2, 8 weeks

 GROUP 3 – WEBINAR – MONDAYS 9:00 AM starting October 7, 8 weeks

COST – $280, includes books & materials.

Each group is limited to 10 people and will fill up fast, so register soon.

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