OFFICE: 415 Kootenay St, Suite 102E Nelson, BC  V1L 1K8

PHONE: 250-509-0273

SKYPE: deborahlise


ONE TO ONE SESSIONS    A session can be face to face, a phone/Skype conversation, or as a back and forth email exchange (E-Coaching).

Each session is $120 and is an hour long.  I offer a 10% discount when booking a 3 session package to be used within a 2 month period at $320.

Credit cards accepted.

COUPLES COACHING   This is a unique opportunity for couples to have support for each partner’s personal process and for the growth of the relationship. Each session focuses on creating stronger connection, communication and understanding of each other’s needs. As a couple, you will develop tools that navigate you through the more challenging phases of relationship.

FAMILY COACHING       Learn new ways to communicate and connect as a family.  Fun, simple and can be offered in your own home.

GROUP COACHING      Ongoing courses & workshops.

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