I am a certified life coach, certified emotional intelligence coach, trained facilitator of Inquiry and trained in the Connections Curriculum of Dr. Brene Brown, a shame resiliency researcher.  I have a degree in Psychology, and a minor in English.
By day, I play a part in our local government Emergency Management Program, and have acquired my Emergency Management certificate.  The marriage of these two lines of work is powerful.  Learning how to mitigate, prepare for and respond to emergencies is not unlike facing a personal crisis or setbacks. When we’re faced with adversity, we hope to look for better ways to respond (rather than react) to our pain.  My style of coaching is designed for exactly that.

Like you reading this, I’ve experienced many challenges in my life.  I am no longer afraid to say that there are more challenges in store for me.  In fact, I welcome it.  Without my humble beginnings, difficult relationships and fateful failures, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  And finally, I’m learning to like myself, no doubt, even love myself, with every ounce of imperfection I possess.

Growing up, like most of us, wasn’t easy.  My father was an alcoholic (later in life 20 years recovered) and my mother did her best to keep me and my sisters safe and loved but sought support for her own identity crisis and later became a therapist.

As an adult, I have been through the pain of ending a long and loving marriage, with my children’s hearts at stake. I have been a single mom, struggling to pay the mortgage and find ways to make our family dinners engaging, fortifying and full of love.  In 2007, a year after my divorce, and without a strong sense of self and an unconscious need to be a victim, I stumbled into a new relationship that kept me in my hidden world of shame, and suspended me in my belief that I was too needy, overweight, a bad parent, too mainstream, a poor communicator (the list goes on) but mostly unworthy of love. Until, after years of searching for answers, I graduated from a life coaching school and met a new way of seeing my life, and I finally came home to me. I learned about The Work, questioning my ingrained beliefs and finding freedom from my unquestioned mind. At the same time I discovered the work of Brene Brown, shame researcher, author and creator of Connections, a powerful curriculum that helps us develop important tools like empathy, compassion, perspective-taking and communication – to bolster our ability to become more shame resilient. I attended a weekend intensive in Seattle and then flew to Houston, Texas to train directly under Brene Brown to become a facilitator. It changed my life. When I returned, I ended my unhealthy relationship, quit my stressful job, reset my internal compass and found a new and precious coaching office where I now work with others to find their own truth and peace in their lives.  I’ve created a new relationship with my family, my community, my finances, and more importantly, myself.

Today, I am in a healthy, laughter-filled, accepting relationship that inspires me to be fully me, in all my imperfections, vulnerabilities and messy mistakes.  I now know the beauty I possess.  My grown kids see it in me.  My friends reflect it in me every day.  And I’m no longer afraid to take on the daily challenges of courage, connection and compassion, even with knowing that I won’t do it perfectly.

I wish the same for you. To love yourself unconditionally, to create healthier relationships and master the art of questioning your unexplored thoughts, with courage, compassion and connection, and to come home to your true, wholehearted self.

Email me today and we can begin your journey together, as a fortified team.



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