SHAME is an undercurrent emotion that doesn’t want to be seen or heard.  It doesn’t want us to bring it to light because it likes to live in the darkest parts of our psyche, telling us we are not good enough, and not worthy of love or leading our lives fully.  Shame wants us to keep us stuck, and at the mercy of its quiet, whispering voice – “you don’t deserve this”, “who do you think you are?”, “why do you even bother trying?”

Imagine a life of freedom.  A life that will give you strength, confidence, and the spacious feeling of living authentically. Imagine not responding to those voices of shame.  Imagine being able to take clear and conscious action without the worry of shame. Imagine stepping into your amazing, wholehearted self.

Here’s what you will come away with:

Stronger, more connected relationships with others and yourself.

You will understand and eliminate the root causes of procrastination and make stuff happen.

You will feel confident in stressful moments that once made you feel small and powerless.

You will understand how to stop putting off the important decisions that will propel you forward and create happiness the way you deserve.

Shameshifting is not for the faint of heart.

Shameshifting is not for you if you’re not willing to to do the work it takes to fall in love with yourself and challenge the ingrained beliefs that are holding you back.

Shameshifting is not for you if you’re not willing to question your beliefs or step out of your comfort zone.

Lead and facilitated by Deb Burnett, a trained facilitator and educator, Shameshifting is a powerful workshop that will change your life. 

Before I attended Deb’s workshop I was constantly struggling with stepping up to scary situations, including how to settle arguments with my husband without feeling resentful and angry.  During the workshop, I could see I was going to have to be really honest with myself and dig in to the step-by-step process Deb was presenting.  Her engaging style, friendliness and patience kept me going and I broke through several shame triggers that I didn’t even know existed.  It was life altering.  Now people around me are noticing how much braver and willing I am to take chances, make mistakes.  Even my daughter is noticing the transformation.  I often say I owe it all to Deb and Shameshifting.” B.I., Nelson, BC

I didn’t know Deb before I attended one of her workshops but my friend, who had hired Deb as a personal coach kept saying her work was something that would really benefit me.  I was struggling with a lot of debt and feeling like I was no longer providing for my family the way I’d hoped and counsellors and friends weren’t really helping.  With some skepticism but finally ready to confront my stuck places, I signed up.  I was blown away at how quickly I was able to see what was holding me back once I applied Deb’s shameshifting philosophies and exercises.  I’ve always been interested ever since I saw Brene Brown’s TedTalk around shame, and now I see why and how it works. Today I feel supported and strong.  I even quit my deadend job and started doing what I love most – parenting and working from home.”  D.S. Seattle, WA


  • Two full days of exploring, integrating and sharing

  • Clear, step by step exercises that guide you through understanding shame to knowing how to shift it

  • Introduction and practice of Microscopic Inquiry to effectively bust through your limiting beliefs

  • Opportunity to practice and apply all that you learn so that you integrate it within your daily life

  • Workbooks that will allow full comprehension and note-taking of your shameshifting journey to build a personalized template of tools that tackle your reoccuring issues

  • A follow-up coaching session with Deb Burnett to support you and continue your journey of Shameshifting

Interested?  Click HERE for the next Shameshift workshop or CLICK HERE to register.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Unapologetically YOU.

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